This Last Week Proved That I Live What I Teach

October 17, 2016 Thoughts

mumThe last 10 days have been difficult ones.  Watching mum fade away was not easy.  Every now and then you hear about families fighting while at the bedside of a loved one.  I used to wonder how that could be.  Now I understand.  It is a time of heightened emotion, when such things as pragmatism and common sense seem like very dirty words.  It can shine a very bright light on differences between all parties involved.

Fortunately, I have learnt a lot from my coaching journey.  Instead of allowing the differences to become a major issue I was able to step back and realise that I was upset because of how I wanted things to be. My sisters were dealing with the situation in the best way they knew how.  I was then able to express that yes I was upset but I was not upset with them, and that I understood and could accept the situation as it was.  It didn’t change my opinion but I didn’t push the issue, I didn’t have to be right.

Coaching brings an awareness to how you think.  Hard times and heightened emotions are no longer situations that just happen.  The more you become aware of your thinking the more you can step back, take a moment and think objectively about what is really going on.  You can stop being reactive and purposefully respond in a way that lessens  tension and resolves problems.

This week was good for me as it showed me that not only have I changed my life over the last few years by changing my thinking, but that it has become a way of life for me.  I do live what I teach.

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Love and Light