Learn, Practice, Model

May 20, 2016 Thoughts

learnI have had an awesome week of learning this week, as well as being able to practice, model and learn some more.  After having a few months away from doing group workshops this week I got back in to it and I realise that it is one of my passions.  I came away from my Wednesday Workshop feeling so alive, passionate, happy and fulfilled.  It was a feeling that has lasted for days.  The really great thing is that I did not go into that workshop hoping to get those feelings out of it, I went into the workshop with the intention of giving as much value as I could.  Apparently a little too much, I need to either lengthen the time or cover fewer points.

To do a great workshop you have to learn, and learn some more, improve, modify and add value at every step of the way.  That means that I am always learning, putting new stuff into practice and then modelling the new insight, behaviour, or learning and it becomes a continuous cycle.

 What Have You Learned?For many people the last time they consciously learnt something was at school, or at university.  Life might have given them many lessons but because they are not consciously aware of it as a lesson, they do not learn from it, and thus continue to experience the same teaching over and over again.

I can remember reading many years ago that the way they teach doctors in a hospital is to give them the teaching, the theory of medicine, then they have to do it, and then they have to show someone else how to do it, or to model it, that is how they embed that knowledge that we all trust will be there.

Through our early life we learnt many things, much of which seems totally irrelevant in our day to day life, so maybe the meaning we attach to learning now is that it is not really practical.  As adults you get to choose what to learn about, and learning how to be the best version of you, so that you can do the best you can, so that you can have the best seems to me to be the most valuable learning experience there is.

What is one thing that you could learn about today that would make your life easier, happier and more fulfilling?

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