Learning New Things can be Like Working Out at the Gym

June 20, 2016 Thoughts

Learning FocusToday I started a new gym routine with a personal trainer.  It brought back memories of the very first time I worked out at a gym many moons ago.  Today we concentrated entirely on upper body.  When I first started years ago that is also how we worked.  Upper body one day, core and legs the next.  I have been going to the gym for over six months now but I have been doing a little of everything each time.  You know that the body is working, the centimetres are coming off but there is an added intensity when you are concentrating on just one area at a time.  It is a better way of learning to work-out.

It made me think about my career and all the different things I have to learn both as a Life Coach and as a business owner.  Every day I do a little bit of everything, trying to get all the cogs moving and to get some momentum going.  I can feel that it is working, it is coming together but not with the intensity that I would like.  Time to take the lessons learnt from the gym and apply it to my business.  Learning all I can about best practice with coaching one day, and business strategy the next.

Mastering YourselfWhen we are faced with new challenges and many interactive parts it can be overwhelming to try and learn it all at once. It also means that we can skim, to learn just enough to get by without really getting down to the nuts and bolts of a subject.  To be the best and to get the best results we need the intensity of working on one part at a time.  This can feel very counter-intuitive.  It will take too long or that the ‘other’ will suffer while we are concentrating all our effort on a given day on one thing and yet the mastery we achieve by doing it this way will mean that in a short period of time we will be achieving more than if we did the shotgun approach, the little of everything approach.

I know that in coaching my clients that they want things to get better in all areas of life at once and can feel that focusing on one thing until mastery is gained is not ideal.  Yet focusing on just one area at a time, like beliefs around self-worth and getting that right means that they bring that ability then into the next thing we focus on and overall the results are much greater.  Wow a lesson learnt for myself.  I do it when I am coaching, focus on the one thing and yet I have not been doing it for myself in building my business.  It is so much easier when we have an objective view.  Time for me to get another coach.

Love and Light