Learning To Take Life Lightly

August 4, 2016 Thoughts

Life is a gameI can over think everything.  I can even over think how to have fun.  My idea of fun is not necessarily the same as everyone else.  I learnt ancient Greek and to read French because to me that was fun.  Reading is fun.  Drawing is half fun half serious because I love to do it but I have a perfectionist streak.  Watching TV is not fun, that is just boring or something I do if I want to totally zone out.  Fun has an element of challenge to it.  Playing board games, playing tag on a beach with my daughters, learning to ride dressage.  I do not take fun lightly.  I do not take life lightly.

It is an interesting paradox that I do not take myself lightly and yet I am able to laugh at myself.  Maybe that is the problem, I am laughing at myself.  Like laughing at someone rather than laughing with them.  It is my own inner critic actually having a go at me for being so absurd or doing something wrong.  Love the judgement in that.  We talk to ourselves so harshly.  Right or wrong, absurd, stupid, successful, not successful, lazy and incompetent.  An attitude that doesn’t help you to succeed anyway.

life successWhat does it mean to take life lightly then?  Some would say that you shouldn’t.  Life is a serious matter, you only get one shot at it and if you don’t do it right you will be judged.  You will not succeed.  You will be a failure.

Taking life lightly is to be compassionate firstly towards ourselves and then towards everyone else.  It means stepping away from the treadmill of life and getting out of the rat race.  It means that you can have a happy and successful life ensuring the basics are met like shelter, food, water and clothing and then adding in those things that increase happiness.  Healthy food and exercise do increase happiness.  You don’t have to become obsessed about it, just care enough to look after yourself well.  Relationships can increase happiness.  Trying out new things can increase happiness. Find those things that have a bit of challenge about them as long as the challenge doesn’t out way the enjoyment factor.

Success Girl Riding A BikeAllow yourself to play like a child.  Have you ever noticed that young children get things done.  They don’t get all caught up in how much they have to do, the lack of time or anything else.  If they want to make or create something, go exploring, or learn something new then they just do it, enjoying the moment.  They take it lightly.  They are still happy to be beginners.  They celebrate each and every step forward in achievement.  I have especially noticed that when children first learn to ride two wheeler bikes.

Taking life lightly means that we appreciate life.  We are not fighting against it.  We are not constantly striving to improve things, whether ourselves or circumstances.  We are grateful for the now.  We appreciate that we are able to live, love, enjoy, communicate, have relationships, learn new things, challenge ourselves but most of all to have fun being.  Life is a journey to enjoy.  Stop and smell the roses, admire the beauty all around and lighten up.

Love and Light