I have a passion for helping people become aware of un-resourceful thinking and through questioning and teaching show them the beliefs, values and mind traps they have which perpetuate the problem.

The symptoms of un-resourceful thinking are procrastination, self-sabotage, bitterness, stress and anxiety. In these situations we often make the mistake of thinking that there is something wrong with us. We lose confidence, and the more our confidence drops the harder it becomes to take necessary action. Our world gets smaller as our anxiety grows. At the heart of these challenges for all of us, is underlying belief systems that don’t serve us very well. Deep down, most of harbour feelings that we are not good enough; we don’t believe we have what it takes to do what needs to be done.

A mindset strategist helps people to overcome un-resourceful thinking very quickly. They help them to identify the barriers in their thinking that hold them back so they can be true to themselves. They do this by helping their clients to tap into the underlying belief systems. Unconscious belief systems that remain unexposed can keep us stuck on the same path. We all have a tendency to stick with what is familiar, what we know, so we make the same choices over and over again, and in doing so, repeat the past anew every day; Ground Hog Day.

A mindset strategist will take you on a journey on the road less travelled, so that all tomorrows can be new.

Strategies for a healthy mindset

My job is to create awareness in you of what is within your control and influence, to open you up to choice and opportunity. Together we will bring to the surface those unconscious belief systems, unspoken values, and any un-resourceful thinking that may keep you stuck in the same old story. As coach I work with the certainty that you are already complete, perfect in your own unique way, everything you need to get through this challenge is already inside of you, we just need to find it. I will work with you to uncover new ways of thinking that serve you better, expanding your options, and empowering you to take the necessary steps needed to turn your challenge, into opportunity.

It is all up to you

Mindset strategists work with the belief that everyone is unique, and has within him or her everything that they need to be the person they long to be. What that means is that you the client are ultimately responsible for the results that you get. I will work as hard as you do , but I need your 100% commitment to the process for success to be achieved. Enter this Relationship with the genuine belief that you are responsible for the circumstances that are challenging you, be open to change, and you can expect some amazing transformation to take place.

I will challenge your belief systems from time to time, to push you into new areas where you may not have ventured before. Mindset strategists push your boundaries so that you build mental muscle. We do this because we believe that there is nothing we can learn from what you already know about yourself, true growth and resilience comes from going where we have not been before, in becoming comfortable with that which is unfamiliar.

Expect also a little homework, it may be a small task like making a phone call, or it could be something more substantial, such as an action plan, exercises designed to shine light on your values, your belief systems, or maybe even a business plan. Together we will work out what will serve you best.

The philosophy behind mindset strategists

It is a consistent belief, across time and culture, that what we feel mostly when faced with all the possibilities, is that these possibilities are beyond our reach. So we walk through our lives feeling like we are not quite ourselves. Like imposters we dance frantically to someone else’s tune, and it never feels right. We feel like we are not enough, that we never truly belong. When we see the chains that bind us, the walls we have built up around ourselves, we see also the extent to which we have been standing in our own way; of our careers or jobs, in our relationships, of life itself. Once exposed for what they are, the chains and walls begin to fall away, and those possibilities open up. What we focus on is what we get from this world; shift our focus and our lives will be transformed.

Our journey is 95% self-awareness. The insights we need lie in the very unique and particular way we each look upon the world. The barriers that challenge us are not things to be overcome, rather they are representations of a bigger pattern that we cannot yet see, and the very things that we should put to work to make our unique mark on this world, and to live meaningful, happy and authentic lives.