Life is Great, Have an Attitude of Gratitude Always

May 26, 2015 Thoughts

Life is Great, Have an Attitude of Gratitude AlwaysToday I am on top of the world.  I can see my intentions coming to fruition. I can see all the different threads of my desires approaching the outcome that I have had firmly in my mind.  Every day I thank the universe, source, God/Goddess, even thin air if that is your thing, because I have to express the gratitude and joy in my heart that I am living the life I want to live.  I wake up glad for the new day.  I love Mondays.  A new week, new possibilities, wondering what I can achieve this week.  It wasn’t always this way.

Seven years ago I was in a deep dark hole.  Single, unemployed, sick and living with my father.  Life sucked.  Gratitude was not part of my life.   I was rejecting life and life in return was rejecting me.  I decided to change my mind, and I poured all of my energy into learning about the possibilities of a great mindset. To look at what possibilities there were in life, to step up and start living life in a new way.

It was not always easy, sometimes I think the lag time between changes, desires and fruition can test the best of us, yet I never gave up.  I kept going, I was committed to having all the intentions of my heart.  A lifestyle that would support me emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually for the rest of my life.  Knowing what I know now, there was an easier way and yet here I am.  Being grateful always for my life would have helped immensely.  I also wish I had had a life coach earlier in the journey as it would have sped it up immensely too.

Today I still practice gratitude and get coached on a regular basis.  They help to keep me accountable, to clarify my thoughts when different possibilities are on the cards. The best reason for having a coach is having someone listen to you and asks probing questions for an hour.  Someone really listening to you for an hour is bliss.

I am now a coach myself,  sharing information in seminars, helping people change their lives.  Many have not been in the deep hole I was, but all of us can benefit either improving things to better, or taking good to brilliant.

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Love and Light