Why Being Mindful Is Even More Important When Things are Going Well.

September 26, 2016 Thoughts, Uncategorized

being mindfulI have had a couple of brilliant, beautiful weeks.  New clients signing up, the start of a 6 week course and money in the bank. My youngest daughter is here on holiday and my husbands family visiting. It is fantastic and I am extremely mindful, grateful and appreciative of it all.   There is one drawback to so much goodness. I wasn’t sure what to blog about.  I could do a rave about how awesome life is, and sign up to work with me, because I have been on the rocks and now life is wonderful.  Been there, done that, now let me show you the way!!

 spotlightI could go over old ground again.  There are certain basics, great foundations that make life better, like my 3 pillars for happiness, which are forgiveness, gratitude and allowing.  150 odd blog posts about mindset and how powerful our mind and awareness is in changing our lives.  There is the odd Random Thought blog, mainly around politics and why cultivating compassion is important if we want to live in a peaceful world.

There is so much gold.  So much change since I started blogging.  My schedule of blog posts keeps me mindful of the changes.  It helps keep me aware.  When things are going well and you get busy being out and about and enjoying yourself, it is easy to forget awareness.  To forget the roots,  the basics that underpin a great life.

Lost WomanI am also reminded in many ways to remain mindful because there are so many people who have not even heard of awareness or mindfulness.  Life is just something that happens to them.  They do not know how a little bit of work could transform their lives.  Life can be wonderful on a regular basis, not just on the odd occasion or for the couple of weeks when you are away on holiday.

I am mindful because I want these wonderful times to continue, so I will remain grateful every single day.  I am mindful because I want to reach all those people who want what I have.  A life that is happy, fulfilled and a pleasure to live in, each and every day.  I am mindful because I know that collectively we can change the world.  I am mindful of love, peace, compassion and kindness, as that is the type of world I want around me.

Love and Light