Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, How Does My Complaining Tell Me All?

September 15, 2016 Thoughts

mirrorDo you see the best or the worst in people?   I used to complain that I didn’t matter to people.  Everyone else was more important than I was.  It was one of the first things I learnt when I changed my thinking.  I was projecting on to others how I felt about myself.  I thought I didn’t matter.  As I changed how I felt about myself, the world around me changed.  My mirror was not positive.  Now I know that I matter, not only in myself, but also to a lot of people around me.

How we perceive ourselves may not be immediately apparent.  We do not question our own thoughts, behaviours and way of being in the world. When we complain a lot about others and how they are wrong,  we are projecting that which is in us.

perceptionIn the simplest terms perception is projection means that if you can see something in another person(s) then you must have it within you and you are projecting it on to them.  If it wasn’t within you then how would you be able to recognise it?  When we judge others as being arrogant, opinionated, sarcastic, lacking in self-esteem, or any other not so charming description, we are actually recognizing a part of ourselves.  The other person is simply reflecting that element of you like a mirror.  Those traits and behaviours which you find unfathomable or downright annoying in others are often a reflection of your own biggest weaknesses.  (Jacqui Gatehouse – Gatehouse Thirteen)

Next time you start to complain about a person or a situation ask yourself, “What is it about myself that is being triggered by that?”

Looking Good.One of my favourite sayings is “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”  I am not perfect, when I see something wrong in others than it has to be in me.  I ask myself how I can improve?  What do I have to change in my own life to be a better person?  What are the traits and characteristics that I most admire?  How do I make those a regular part of myself?

I want to be able to say, “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all.”  To take my awareness of ‘perception is projection’ and to project positive attributes.

What is the mirror of your life?  Are you complaining that people are not reliable?  Are you complaining that people are not trustworthy?   Or are you complaining that people don’t respect you?  Our complaints show us where we can improve our own lives.  Also remember to flip it, see that those things you find good and praiseworthy mean that they are also in you.

How could your life be a better mirror for you?  Please leave a comment, or for further help in this area call me on 0418247775.

Love and Light