Are You a Modern Day Slave? The Role of Conditioning and Mindset in Life.

February 6, 2018 Uncategorized

conditioningPreviously, I have written about who we are, apathy, responsibility, and questioning life.  Today I am turning up the heat a little.  You don’t question the status quo because of conditioning!

Slavery:   Collins English Dictionary.

  1. The state or condition of being a slave; a civil relationship whereby one person has absolute power over another and controls his life, liberty and fortune.
  2. The subjection of a person to another person, especially in being “forced to work”.
  3. The condition of being subject to some influence or habit.
  4. Work done in harsh conditions for low pay.

Why have I given a definition of slavery?  Do you think the above definition could apply to you?  The couple of hours before and after our prescribed work hours means we have freedom.  The liberty to move from job to job and to live where we please is ours, as long as we have the means to do that and are able to sustain periods of unemployment.   Fortune is available as long as you work in the right job and have the right education.

Last night on  “Q and A”,  Sally McManus, a union boss, said that workers have a right to withdraw their labour.  A right which was denied the rail transport workers.  The Fair Work Commission said they were not allowed to strike.  Who initiated that action?  The Transport Minister.  He also along with the Rail bosses set the work hours, pay and conditions of the workers.  Over the last few months, with the introduction of a new time-table,  rail workers were forced to work overtime and extended shifts.  It may not seem like slavery because people are getting paid, and they do have the right to find other work elsewhere.  So modern day slavery is a combination of the traditional sense of ‘one person has absolute power over another’ and the mindset of workers who don’t “believe” they have a choice.

Why does the mindset of the “workers” matter?   People can be lazy in their thinking.  Many are willing to accept what they are taught in school and do not question what “experts” tell them.  This makes it possible for those in power to limit what is taught in schools.  The curriculum is set to teach those things they believe are most vital to having an easily controllable work-force.

Slavery – the condition of Being subject to some influence or habit:  Are you a slave to your unconscious mind?  Whatever you accept without due thought, questioning or introspection means you are a slave to the unconscious mind.  You are running on auto-pilot.  A slave to past conditioning and what others tell you to do.

If you are willing to question your beliefs, mindset, definition of success and have a strong desire for something different, you can create a different outcome. It is possible to do it within paid employment, as long as you know you have a choice. I was willing to upset my immediate supervisor to demand a pay rise to reflect my skill level. Also to request part-time work to care for my father. Eventually, I realised self-employment was my best option to live a life that really was free in terms of life, liberty and fortune.

The ability to live a life of happiness, peace, joy and fulfilment requires each of us to take responsibility for our own lives.  We have to move from a “slave” mindset to a “self-actualised” one.

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Love and Light