Something to Think About, Why Not All the Poor Get Poorer!

poor get poorer
February 20, 2018 Thoughts

poor get poorerMost people have heard the generalisation, “The rich get richer while the poor get poorer.”  This seems to be a reasonable statement to many.  If you ask is it true 100% of the time, then the answer is obviously no.  There are many rags to riches stories.  If the generalisation is not true 100% of the time, then what makes the difference?

The answer starts with each individual.  A person decides they will not be part of the status quo.  They will not be part of the generalisation.  All change starts with your thinking.  You can either decide to spiral up to bigger and better things, irrespective of current circumstances.  Or you can decide to spiral down because of current circumstances.

I made a choice when I was in the depths of depression.  Do I continue to spiral down to the ultimate end, suicide, or do I spiral up out of it?  Could I choose to change my mind to change my life.  I chose to change my mind. It was not an easy choice nor any easy change.  Many days I wrote in my journal how I still seemed to be in the bottom of a deep dark pit and when were things going to get better.

One day I noticed a glimmer in my psyche.  A hint of light, the top of the pit and I knew I was closer to getting out of my hole.  It was enough to give me a new surge of enthusiasm to keep changing.  Now I can hardly even remember the feeling of the pit.  It is alien to me in my happiness, growth and love of life.  I am no longer poor in spirit.

A pill to manage depression is not going to cure it.  Changing governments is not going to change you being poor.  Your life is your personal responsibility.  The really good news is that it is your choice and your responsibility.  Every single person can change their life if they choose to.  It doesn’t mean things will change from super bad to super good in one day, a week or a month.  It does mean over time everything can change when you make that choice for yourself.

People are able to change their lives by changing their thinking because of three things.

  1. Your brain is powerful, elastic, and infinite in potential.  Therefore, you can teach old dogs new tricks.  New neural pathways can be created to let loose your creative capacity, your cognitive reasoning and to create on demand huge amounts of feel good hormones.
  2. The world is not made up of static substance.  It is made up of energy.  All energy is potential until we decide what form it is going to take. So think of every invention that makes your life better.  It wasn’t already there in a physical form that someone just came across.  It was first created in the mind.
  3. Every single person on earth is born with the same potential.  The potential to learn and grow.  The potential for increase or decrease.  Choice to be the best or the worst of their potential.  The inner big S Self rather than the scaredy cat, fearful little s, ego.

My challenge to you then is to test this.  I am willing to work with people who would like to test this, who are not only willing to change but desire it with a deep burning desire.  For $99.00 you can purchase my on-line course “Feel Great-Live Great” and I will work through it with you.  I will also be available for phone or email coaching anytime you need it over the next 12 months.  So I am offering almost $5,000 worth of coaching for $99.00 aud.

The next time you hear the whinge, oh the rich get richer while the poor get poorer, remember..  This does not have to be true for you.  You can decide to change today if you are willing.

Love and Light


ps.  don’t forget.  Purchase the course “Feel Great- Live Great” for $99.00 and I will work through it with you and coach you for a year either by phone or email as you too prove – change your mind to change your life.