Pearls of Wisdom in Popular Culture

September 14, 2015 Thoughts

We all love a good movie.  Different genres appeal to different people so not all movies suit everyone’s taste and yet in every movie genre there are often pearls of wisdom that we can learn from.

I personally love the movie Frozen.  I love it because it is such a clear message about the danger of allowing fear to control our lives, and that in letting go, being ok with who we are is the way forward.

Last night I watched a movie in a completely different genre and yet within it was exactly the same message.  The movie was Insurgent, the second part of the Divergent series.  For me the best part of the movie was towards the end, when she was fighting herself, and realising that to stop fighting, to forgive and love herself was all that was required to pass the test.

I think many of us watch movies because for the hour or so of the movie we can be that person.  We are able to become them for a brief period as we immerse ourselves in the action and the script.  We identify with the hero.  The trick is to take the pearls of wisdom and apply them to our own lives.  To become our own hero for real.

Are you able to forgive yourself?  Are you able to let go of fear and embrace how awesome you really are?  Are you able to be your own hero?

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Love and Light