Plan a Holiday From Your Usual Busy Day!

June 16, 2016 Thoughts

Not To Do Check ListYesterday and today I was only doing important tasks with the plan to have a holiday from busyness and to do pleasurable things for myself.  I had a short to-do list and got through them very quickly as I was looking forward to the time away from my computer.  It was fascinating how fast and focused I was.  I achieved the same amount of work in two short bursts that can take me a whole day to accomplish at other times.

We don’t often give ourselves ‘free time’ because we feel like we must be doing something to grow our business, look like we are working, we should be doing more or whatever ego message comes up for us.  If we are not striving, working long hours, being available all the time, creating work for ourselves then we are doing ourselves a disservice.  It is counter-intuitive that we can accomplish more if we stop creating busyness and only do what is essential, when we plan to take a holiday from our usual busy day.

Be happyI recently read an excellent article on creating the ‘not to do list’.  I don’t have a not-to-do-list as I am still in the early stages of growing my business and I am still learning what is effective or not.  Reading the article did help me prioritize what was very important to me in growing a business that I am happy with.  It can be so easy to hear about a marketing idea, or what other people do and assume that that is the best way forward, so you get distracted by trying to implement things or ideas that take you away from the core of what it is you do and what you are good at.  In taking a holiday from busyness, I only do what is very important to my business on that day.  The rest can wait, I can schedule it in for another time, or I can realise that it is a shiny distraction that would be better on a not-to-do-list.

Having a short break, a holiday from my busyness makes me more productive in the long run as I build up my happiness, my creativity, my relationships.  Finding me time that makes me a better happier person and gives me loads more energy to bring back to my work the next day.  It also makes me more aware that my life is my responsibility, it is my choice.  I can choose busyness and overwhelm, or I can choose a better, more productive and much more enjoyable path to achieving my results.

What could you put on your not-to-do-list?

Love and Light