How a Positive Attitude is Expressed in Positive Expectations

October 3, 2013 Emotions and Thought

How a Positive Attitude is Expressed in Postive ExpectationIn my last blog I talked about Happiness and how to cultivate happiness within yourself.  People either respond to your happiness in a positive way or you annoy them because you have what they want.  Today’s blog is about Positive Expectation.  This is one of the high frequency emotions that has a large ripple on affect.  Positive Expectation is not the kind of expectation that equates to a Should.  That is a judgemental expectation that leads to frustration and unhappiness. A positive attitude to life can be expressed in positive expectations.

Positive Expectation

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.”

The above quote is from Albert Einstein and it lies at the very heart of whether we have the emotion of Positive Expectation.  When we expect things to be a certain way then we see evidence for that everywhere.  If you expect poor customer service, danger, rude people and stupidity then you will see that everywhere.   If you expect great customer service, safety, peace, happiness, common sense and  politeness then that is what you see.  No one is 100% perfect in their expectations all the time, so there are times when there will be disruptions to the positivity that we see, but when they are occasional rather than the norm, we know that our vibration is becoming higher.

How a Positive Attitude is Expressed in Positive ExpectationsGive a Dog a Bad Name

Most people quite unconsciously live up to or down to the expectation that you have of them.  How you describe people, the names you use, the words you express throughout the day all reflect your expectations.  Have you ever been in a supermarket and seen a mum or dad calling their kid a “little mongrel”.  With words like that being used to describe them, do you wonder at them behaving badly.

When we consciously start to see the good in people, and an expectation that we will get the best service, or the best behaviour most people will respond in a positive way.    Not everyone will, but that is ok too, because as we continue to believe the best for them, and of them, eventually that is what we will receive.   If we try to correct bad behaviour by a list of  “you should”  do this or that we are on a subconscious level telling them that they are not “good enough”  which is a very negative vibration to give anyone.

Life is a Wonderful Gift

Sometimes when we are caught up in the business of life it is very hard to even think of life as being a wonderful gift.  Here are a few ways to view life with positive expectation

  • Every day has something to offer that can bring joy
  • Each day has a blessing,
  • Look at each day with a sense of awe or wonder.
  • Do something each day that brings a sense of fulfilment.

When we start every day with these expectations our life is a little more enriched, and the good and wonderful things become much more noticeable. Then every day we can say.  “Life is great, I am truly blessed.”

My next blog will be on Belief and Knowing.

Love and Light