How a Question, A Comment and a Compliment Changed My Day

November 4, 2016 Thoughts

QuestionOver the last few weeks my normal routine of life has been thrown out of wack.  Spending time with my mother before she passed away meant a lot less time working on my business.  Learning new things as I stepped up into leadership of my networking group took me out of my comfort zone.  Choosing to leave my computer at home while I went on a short break to be with my family also left a lot more time to just think.  Then I was back to normal routine but found it hard to find the juice to get it going again.  Last night that all changed with a question, a comment and a compliment.

The question was one I asked.  I have a daughter who has a good life, an ordinary life.  Husband, job, baby and no major hassles.  I was interested in whether she thought much about how other people feel, or even survive in our current political climate.  Whether she even considered that there was maybe a different way to think.  For her and I suspect many others, life just is.  You do the best you can and enjoy the moments.  It requires no thought of the future or possible what if’s, whether positive or negative.  As she said, until something directly affects you, it is not on the radar.

commentThe comment was about Australia’s refugee policy.  Specifically about how to deal with people who try to come by boat  I shared an open letter to Mr Turnbull from a woman who had ground-breaking surgery from a doctor who would be banned from Australia under the proposed changes.  The comment was left on my shared post from a person who believes that the proposed changes are the only way to do things.  People should do the right thing and join the queue in the first safe country they come to.  My answer  was not about the money, the right or the wrong of it, but about the need for hope.

I will do almost anything to encourage people to have hope. To keep going, change their minds, do whatever it takes to keep hope alive.  Having been in the place of no hope in my own life, I would not wish that on anyone.  For many who spiral down into depression it is because they struggle as hope fades.  It is possible to re-kindle hope with small changes to how we think.  Small steps taken to restore hope and then faith.  Steps that re-shape how we think, open up new possibilities and make life worth-while again.

complimentThe compliment was from a stranger.  He was attracted to my smile on my face-book profile picture.  It is a good smile taken on my wedding day.  A true smile lights up the whole face.  Yes it creates crows feet and wrinkles but I do not begrudge those small lines a place on my face.  It means that I am happy, that I have found much in life worth smiling about.  To be complimented for that smile reminded me of why I do what I do.  It is the smile of some-one who knows what it is like to be beaten down, ready to give-up and yet has risen from that place to one of hope and happiness.

My question, the answer to the comment and the compliment re-kindled the fire in me to find those who are find life difficult.  Have you lost the ability to hope, to believe in yourself or to have a happy life?  Do you know others who have been beaten down wether by circumstance or through the cruelty of abusive partners?  There is a way to change things around.  Life can definitely be better.  Life can be worth smiling about.

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Love and Light