Responsible, responsibility?

January 28, 2016 Thoughts

RESPONSIBILITIES-300x226[1]I had one of those lovely ‘ah ha’ moments today.  In trying to figure out why I was finding it so hard to get back into a routine and to actually do some work I realised that I was using my responsibilities as an excuse.  I was not taking responsibility for my actions, or non-actions where my own goals were concerned.

Sometimes the English language can be limited.  I know quite a few people who consider themselves responsible.  They are responsible for the health and welfare of the spouse and children.  They are responsible for their employees, they are responsible in many small ways, so would take the statement that they are not taking responsibility for their own lives as an insult.  Of course they are responsible, look at all these other people they are responsible for!!

responsibility-quote[1]Sometimes we take on the mantle of being responsible when we don’t need to.  At a certain point in every person’s life they become responsible for their own choices.  I have to remember that in many ways I am now only partially responsible for my 15yr old grandson who is living with me.  A roof over his head and food in the fridge is my responsibility.  His behaviour, his grades, his social life and other activities are his responsibility and I do not need to be expanding energy on being responsible for him, that is a dis-service to both of us.  My responsibility is to my goals, my choices and how I intend my life to be.  It is in these things that I and I alone will be held accountable.

When we let go of ‘being responsible’ and start taking responsibility for how our own lives are panning out, then being, doing and having the life we dream of having becomes not only possible but also probable.

Love and Light