Are You Too Scared To Have a Big Dream?

August 8, 2016 Thoughts

Big DreamsDo you have a big dream for your life, or do you have a good reason not to? Too old, too young, not intelligent enough, too lazy, the list goes on.  It is easy to let life decide how your life might be. When you get older and life is not pleasing you can blame the circumstances of your life.  If you want a life of no regrets, a life of happiness then you need a dream.

One of my least favourite people is Donald Trump and yet even he has a saying that I know is true: He says “Aim to be a billionaire because even if you don’t succeed at least you will be a millionaire.”

Think Big, Dream Big, Believe Big and The Result Will Be BigDream big because a big, scary, audacious dream will inspire you, motivate, excite and scare you. A big dream will give you the drive needed to learn all that you need to learn.  A big dream will give you the energy to get back up when you fail the first time or three. To keep working on your dream you need to have a certain level of belief that you can or will achieve it. Without some level of belief you will give up at the first sign of struggle.  If you have enough belief  you will keep learning and growing into the person you need to be for that dream to succeed.

You cannot have a dream about being a billionaire and sit in front of the TV for hours on end.  You cannot work in a job you hate for a wage that only  just covers current expenses.  To dream of being a billionaire means that you will learn about money, investing, real estate, shares, time management, personal growth and interpersonal relationships.  The dream inspires you to reach for your full potential.

Inspirational Typographic Quote - Everything you want is on theMoney may not be your big dream.  Maybe it is to win the Archibald prize, or the Pulitzer.  Maybe it is to win gold at the Olympics in your chosen sport.  A compelling dream means you will be who you have to be and do what has to be done.  If you don’t have a dream at all then you will take what ever life dishes up to you.  Maybe you have a dream to be debt free.  If you don’t succeed at least your debt will be smaller,  or at least that is what you hope will happen.  Maybe you are too scared to dream big because you worry that you might fail.  Take Donald’s advice and aim big, then even if you do fail you will be much better off then you currently are.

Love and Light