Being all Serious About Money and Financial Success Can Be Counter-Productive.

March 6, 2018 Thoughts

seriousDo you take life too seriously?  Sometimes I do.  Especially around money and financial success.  My ego loves to tell me I am not taking life seriously enough.  “How can I expect to be a financial success if I don’t spend every single day, every minute striving for it.”  Goals, plans, the right funnel, social media presence, the right qualifications.  You have to do this right.  You have to get serious.  It is tiring, frustrating and absurd.

I love Ah Ha moments.  For the last five days I have not written in my journal.  It was wonderful having the break from it.  Then I opened my journal and wrote that I wanted to give up.  I was not willing to strive for one more minute on making my life a “Success”.  It had managed to allude me for almost 55 years so bugger it I was just going to enjoy what I have.  God damn it I was just going to enjoy doing my stuff like art and blogging.

Then came the ah ha moment.  It wasn’t about success, but money.  My money success strategy is backwards.  It isn’t about success, but about overcoming  lack”.  So how had I turned my life around in regards to depression, loving relationships and loving myself, living where I want to live and being much more focused on art?

My depression didn’t get healed by focusing on how little happiness I had.  I overcame depression by learning all the things I could do to make me a little happier each and every day.  I learnt about how the brain worked.  My focus was on what was possible.  Although the journey seemed long and difficult sometimes, I never expected to move from depression to happiness in a week or two.  I didn’t beat myself up too much about it taking as long as it needed to take.

Loving relationships transformed when I stopped “needing” others to love me.  I learnt to look in the mirror and say with absolute honesty, – “I love you”.  It wasn’t about spending 8 to 12 hours working hard on loving myself.  I didn’t strive for love at all.  In many ways I had to let go of the “need” for love altogether.  To be ok with who I was in the present moment, and over time realising how wonderful I was.  Then I started to really appreciate how wonderful other people were and love and relationships blossomed.

Art only develops when  you give yourself time.  Allow for lots of mistakes and know that sometimes, even with all the good intentions in the world you won’t be able to do it every day.  It is about being consistent in practise over time and enjoying the moments.  The other day I learnt a new skill and six hours went by in flow.  Whenever I put pressure on myself to learn faster, do more, so I can turn art into money, it all falls away.

All this seriousness about money and success has been stripping away some of the happiness I developed in the last few years.  Today I have a huge smile on my face because wow, I have come so far in the last 10 years.  I live on my bush-block, my own little bit of paradise.  Each day I get to choose what I will focus on.  It could be drawing, woodwork, gardening or just having a relax day.  It may be writing another blog post, sharing all that I have learnt and continue to learn.  Monetary success will come the same way as the rest did.  Focusing on the desired outcome, reading about it and taking it one little step at a time.  In the meantime I get to enjoy all the blessings I currently have.  Enjoying new skills and the freedom to do what I want every single day.

There is no need to be all so serious about it.

Is there an area of your life where being all serious about it, is being counter-productive?  Please comment and let me know.

Love and Light