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August 6, 2015 Thoughts

We create our world by the thoughts we focus on the most.  We may think that we are focused on such things as a happy healthy family life, great success in our work or career, an exciting and fulfilling life or a rich abundance of material wealth.  What we are often thinking of though is the lack of these things.  We are concentrating on the I don’t have these things, this is what I want, or we are focused on that one person who is so annoying, or the amount of work we have to get through today.  Very rarely are we consciously focusing on what we truly desire for our life.

How do we know what we are thinking about most of the time?  The results we are getting on a day to day basis will reveal what our real thoughts are.  Becoming aware of what we are creating in our life will reveal the stronger subconscious thoughts that are really running the show.  Do you dream of having a job that allows you the freedom to  work only a few hours a day that supports your desired lifestyle, and yet finding yourself working longer and longer hours to make ends meet, and the lifestyle you desire seems like a something that might happen in retirement. This scenario is very common and reveals that our subconscious thoughts are more focused on the lack of what we desire rather than the intention to create what we truly desire.

Could you plan your perfect normal working day, and then start to live that right now, trusting that as you work on your intention, and stay focused on the smallest next logical step to make that happen, that the universe will shift to accommodate what you truly desire?  Or do you think it is absurd to think that way, that to even contemplate it as a possibility is not being real?

We have been taught that we must go to school, study hard, find a good job and work hard and with a bit of luck and extremely hard work we will have a few toys and a bit of money at retirement to enjoy life somewhere down the track.
To think otherwise is to not be real.  If almost 90% of the population thinks this way, it must be correct.  Or do you look at the other 10% or even the top 1% and wonder, how did they do it?  What are their secrets?  Or like the 90% of people assume they inherited, ripped people off or were just extremely lucky.  All these thoughts will show you the hidden unconscious beliefs, thoughts and feelings that are shaping your results every single day.  Our hidden beliefs have been taught to us through life, they are learned, and as such they can be unlearned.  We can learn the secrets of the top 10%, we can make those beliefs the reality of our lives.

To fast-track the uncovering of hidden beliefs and to find more empowering beliefs the help of an objective listener who can ask the right questions is invaluable.  Maybe it is time to consider a Life-Coach.

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