Are You Spiralling Up or Down in this Moment

August 18, 2016 Thoughts

above-and-below-the-line-thinking-behavioursMany people have heard of above and below the line thinking.  Below the line thinking is often blaming, and is problem focused.  Above the line thinking is taking responsibility and solutions focused thinking.  Most of the time we are sitting on the cusp.  Any given situation can send us either way.  It is our default mode to go into below the line thinking and it can spiral out of control.  With a little awareness we can move above the line and spiral up.

Below the line thinking is a bad habit.  We all do it to a certain extent.  Life not so good, it must be the governments fault.  All of our stories about why we cannot do something come from below the line thinking.  Have you ever thought that you would love to do something; start a business, learn to draw, go on a cruise or go back to university.  If you have a dream, an idea that you would love to do and then start thinking of all the reasons why you can’t do it, then you have headed into below the line thinking.  Spiralling down in that thinking is when you start with one reason why you can’t do something and end, up after stewing over it for days or weeks, that you yourself are a complete failure and will never amount to anything.

If you are able to catch yourself at the first below the line thought it is relatively easy to move yourself up.  Instead of thinking about all the reasons you can’t do something, start to ask yourself better questions.  Given this particular situation or obstacle, what could I do?  What are some steps I can take to make this a possibility?  Why do I want to do this thing?  Are there other ways I can fulfil that need?  Is there part of this dream or idea that I am currently living now?  Your thoughts spiral up as you think of solutions, and it becomes an enjoyable challenge.

As your emotions lift, your ability to brainstorm and to find creative solutions to all of life’s circumstances becomes easier.  Awareness is key in catching yourself before you spiral too far down.  The further down you become aware the harder it is to pull yourself back up and to start the upward spiral.

Our thoughts are spirals.  They rarely travel in straight linear lines.  One thought will be similar to another until that moment we take either an upwards focused thought or a downwards focused thought, then they level out again.  It is always our choice on which way we want the spiral to go.

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Love and Light