Starting the New Year the Right Way without Resolutions

New Year Resolutions
January 4, 2018 Uncategorized

New Year ResolutionsIt is a few days into the New Year already and lots of people are putting up their posts of their New Year Resolutions.

The sad thing is most of them are doomed to failure.  As the resolutions tumble, they will feel bad about themselves. Their little inner voice will be telling them how useless they are, how they are not meant to succeed, life isn’t so bad and why not just leave it all till next year.  Starting with new year resolutions is starting from a position of lack.  Why do you have New Year Resolutions?  You think you are not skinny enough?  Not wealthy enough? You are not succeeding?  The resolution is to overcome all these perceived failures.  You are starting the year focusing on what you do not want.

Therefore, the best way to build a better you, a better life is to focus first on what is good right now.  In this moment what is great about your life?  What achievements did you have in 2017.  You must have had some, even if they seemed fairly minor.  Be grateful for them.  Be grateful for what is good right now.  What makes you happy right now?  From this position of gratefulness and happiness, what would you like to expand on in 2018.  This is a totally different perspective from the one in the first paragraph.  Success can only grow from being happy and grateful now, for knowing what it is you do want.  Feelings of lack, low self-worth and low self-esteem can never build a life you love.

The second thing you need to discover for yourself is “What does success mean to me?”  This is not what other people think success is.  What you think it “should” be.  It is what makes you the happiest, gives you the most joy.  What makes you love getting out of bed in the morning for?  When do you go to bed at night most contented?  What do you appreciate about life?

In July last year I moved to my favourite place in the world.  It is a 300 acre bush block just above Bundaberg in Qld. It is fairly basic with a tiny house.  When we got here it was a mess.  In the last six months we have cleaned it up a lot, added some garden and got it to the point of working efficiently.  We have also joined in with the local community and started building friendships.  Due to the move I am back to square one entirely with my coaching business but at the moment I don’t mind.  I do still have my blog post which has been running now for five years.  Amazing, sticking to something is not a strong point for me as I get bored so easily.

2018 will be fantastic because I am starting from a place of huge appreciation and gratefulness.  I can see the areas where I would love to improve. What character traits I will develop in the coming year.  I am not coming from a place of lack.  Even in the area of money which had been a huge “lack” problem area for me for many, many years. This is because I built one tiny habit around it during 2017.  I put 10% of all I earn into an investment account.  Seeing the balance at the start of 2018 means I am starting off with a feeling of appreciation and gratitude in this area, so it can only get better.  Now anything I do is an expansion, not a feeling the lack or absence of money.

Every year for the last 8/9 years I have started from this position, because every year is better than the one when I contemplated suicide.  My idea of success may not be yours.  My drive for personal freedom and creative expression is far greater than my desire for money or wealth.  The life I live is definitely not mainstream.  Yet my knowledge of the mind, universal laws, what works and what doesn’t can be of benefit to those who would like 2018 to be their best year yet.

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Love and Light