Subconscious “What Ifs” that May be Holding You Back From a Great Life

July 30, 2015 Thoughts

The Subconscious "What Ifs" that May be Holding You Back From a Great LifeYou think you are doing well on a conscious level.  Your life is ok. There are a few wins, a few good times and your relationships are ok.  You think it is normal to be having this ok life and yet it doesn’t seem right. You find yourself feeling envious of people doing better than the average or plain feeling frustrated that life seems to be in a holding pattern. The same thing day after day with the weekends giving some relief from the boredom.  You think winning lotto might solve all your problems. When you think of changing something your subconscious quickly brings in a “what if” statement that stops you cold.

This is not a picture of a fulfilled life. A fulfilled life is one that gets you out of bed each morning with a sense of joy and expectation. A life that means Mondays are great as you look forward to what we can achieve in the coming week.  Thank God It’s Friday is not your main topic of conversation as you think of how you will unwind and get ready for something, anything different on the weekend.  A fulfilled, successful life is one where every day is a great day. You get to experience life and be happy, challenged, producing, caring and compassionate, glad that you have this life.

Some Common What If’s

It is often our subconscious ‘what ifs’ that are holding us back from the fulfilling life that we all desire and that we are all more than capable of having.  Maybe some of these ‘what ifs’ resonate with you;

What if:  I lose friends if I don’t agree with them that Mondays suck, or TGIF no longer applies?

I get taken advantage of if I start to do better than those around me?

Changing my life means that I will have to work 18 hour days for years before I see results?

Having money really is the root of all evil and I become someone I despise?

This is as good as it gets and I am being stupid to think that life is anything more than this?

I am not being “real” in my expectations of what is possible?

These are some of the examples of “what if” questions that may be part of your self-talk. They can be part of your sub-conscious thinking. Therefore they affect your life and the success and fulfilment you desire.  If you are able to bring these ‘what ifs’ to conscious awareness, then you are able to change them. They are part of the subconscious beliefs that hold you back.

A life coach can help you to uncover some of these unconscious ‘what ifs’.

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