How to Succeed When All Your Early Life You Heard You Never Would

June 30, 2016 Uncategorized

Angry Mother Hitting Intimidated DaughterDid you hear from your parents and those around you like teachers, relatives and peers that you were great.  You would always succeed and probably be a millionaire because everything you needed to succeed was right in-side you.  Did you hear wonderful things or did you hear that you were a no-hoper, lazy, a dreamer, that you didn’t have it in you to be a success because you didn’t do the right thing ever.  I remember my school reports – right through high school, Maryanne would do much better if she did her homework.  It didn’t matter that I was always in the top 10% every year from year 7 to year 10.  Maryanne would do better if she paid attention in class.  I definitely got the picture that who I was, how I learnt and my ability to retain with almost photographic memory everything I read were not enough to succeed.  As a child I learnt “I was not enough”.

Many children hear these same messages day in and day out in our education system.  When you add in factors from a dysfunctional family life, like how much of a burden you are, or that you ruined your mother or fathers life, that you are:  list expletives here…  you not only learn that you are ‘not enough’ but that you are unloved or unlovable as well.

New You The beliefs we build up around those experiences make it almost impossible to succeed.  The great news is that they are all learnt beliefs.  They can be unlearnt.  They can be changed.  Every person has it within themselves to be, do and have whatever they desire.  It does require that you learn some new ways of thinking.  It does require effort to become aware each and every day to get out of auto-pilot thinking and into new thought patterns.  Mostly it takes a huge giant desire to make the change.  To decide for yourself that you are not going to live up to your parents poor expectations anymore but to be the person you think you are capable of becoming.

Happy loving familyIt is possible to do this for yourself through reading self-help and motivational books, or through reading autobiographies of others who have made the change for themselves.  By choosing to make better choices for yourself each and every day.  It is possible to fast-track change through working with a coach.

At Being Your Thoughts we work with you to uncover your self-limiting beliefs and give you strategies and support to  change your beliefs.  Having someone listen to you and support your efforts, to keep you on track and to be your cheer squad every step of the way is invaluable.  We help you uncover the real, unique and wonderful person that is buried under the garbage and to work out for yourself what success ultimately means for you and how you can achieve that.

If you want to succeed but have always been told that you never would, contact us today on the form below or email me at

Love and Light