Taking Better Care of the Things We Are Grateful For

December 7, 2015 Thoughts

PansyFlowers63088We can become so accustomed to having wonderful things in our lives that we can start to take them for granted. It is how our brains naturally work, when things become good and easy, they get put onto auto pilot.  What that means for us though when we are looking to move to a whole new other level of gratitude and growth is that we have to start taking the time to bring some things of auto-pilot and actively engage with them once again.

This last week I have spent a lot more time out in my garden, weeding, talking to my plants, watering them every evening because I am happy and grateful now for the pleasure it brings.  So instead of just glancing at them, having a moment of gratefulness I have consciously spent more time out with my plants doing my best to make them the best.

I have taken more time inside too.  I really want to move to a bigger and better house, but I am grateful for the roof over my head now, so this week I have done more to make it a nicer place to be in now, rather than seeing its shortcomings and wishing I was somewhere else.  It is amazing what a bit of a spring-clean does to make even an old shabby house look and feel so much better.

Synchronicity also kicks in when we are consciously thinking of all we are grateful for.  I got to spend time with more of the people that make my life special this week.  Grandchildren, old friends and I made some new ones.  Life has so much abundance, and being grateful for what we have now brings us off auto-pilot and taking things for granted to a whole new level of conscious awareness that adds joy to our lives.

Love and Light