The Rhythms of Our Lives

October 29, 2015 Thoughts

Yesterday I had a slow day, a day where my highest achievement was managing to get showered and dressed.  There was a small part of me that was nagging in the background suggesting that I was doomed to failure because I wasn’t actively doing anything to build my business.  I ignored it.  This morning I woke up refreshed, excited and eager to get on with the day.  I have a few things to do which will push my comfort zone and I am eager to get on with them.  Today they will be effective because my energy, my optimism and my belief in myself are all zinging.

As an introvert I know that sometimes I need to build energy by withdrawing into myself.  Shutting the door so to speak on all external issues and to have time just for me, whether playing computer games, reading a book, walking a beach or any other pursuit that shuts work, other people and the world out so that I can recharge my battery.

My husband on the other hand is a quiet extrovert.  Sometimes he needs a full day of people to charge his battery up so that he does not slide into depression because of being by himself, or just with me, for too long.

Sometimes in the push to be successful we don’t allow ourselves the space to do the “best thing’ for ourselves. My quiet day yesterday was not about quitting on my dreams, it was not about giving up in any way.  It was knowing that I have put in many hours, being out and about, busy and working hard on achieving my dream, and my body and mind needed a rest.  I needed time to catch up with myself again.  It was allowing the natural rhythm of life to be centre stage.

I loved the reinforcement of this belief that I read this morning.  An Oxford Professor has scientifically proven that our bodies have natural rhythms and that the business world of 9 to 5 is actually doing harm as it does not allow for the natural rhythms of the body.

If you normally wake up and get into things, manage many hours of work, feel passionate about what you are doing and depression is not an issue then the next time you wake up and feel blaghhhh,  don’t ignore it.  It is your body and mind telling you that you are pushing yourself, striving, and it is time to build yourself back up.  It is time for a quiet day, a day just for you.  The benefits in the following days will be much higher than pushing yourself through the blagh..


Maryanne Watts