Most of Our Thought is a Matter of Habit – Start to Question Your Thoughts

November 10, 2016 Thoughts

black swanThis morning I read an article called Black Swans by Andre Dao.  It is about how we make up a story about things.  It has always been that way, therefore it always will be.  This is a habit of thought.

Nicholas Taleb wrote, ” For Europeans, millennia of experience confirmed the inference that, given all observed swans were white, the next observed swan would also be white.  Shortly after the ‘discovery’ of Australia, the first sighting of a black swan was enough to overturn what had seemed a foregone conclusion.”

failHistory throws up black swans.  World War 1, the invention of the internet, the Global Financial Crisis, and Trump being elected President.  Our narrative, our story about how the world should be, creates our blind spots.  This story is a habit of thought that we have been hearing since childhood. If the results are not what we expect then somehow we are wrong, or someone else is to blame.

We all accept that if we work hard and have some talent we will succeed,  yet there is the silent evidence of many talented, hard-working people who fail.  They just don’t write books about it.  We buy into the story that A automatically leads to B.  We want to believe that, otherwise it is just chance or luck.  The idea that success in life might be little more than sheer luck invalidates much of what we tell ourselves, and are told from an early age, about hard work, talent and just deserts.

happyDoes this mean that we can all quit our jobs and just sit around doing nothing?  Having a fulfilled, enjoyable and happy life comes from being who we want to be and doing what we want to do.    What that personally looks like may involve talent and hard work. Whether that will automatically lead to ‘success’ is not an absolute. Our ability to succeed or how much time we actually need to give to work could be entirely random.  Questioning our habits of thought helps us be okay with the uncertainty of life.  If we are able to control our thoughts, and our reactions, then we are able to control our happiness.  Enjoyment of life is a choice we make regardless of circumstances.

Our happiness is not dependent on things working out the way we think they should.  Our happiness comes from being in control of the only thing we can be control of,  our own inner world of thought.  What habits of thought do you have that may be holding you back from enjoying life?

Love and Light