Thoughts and Contribution

November 15, 2014 Thoughts

Hi All,
It has been a while since I put up a new post as I am busy doing a Cert IV in Life Coaching. Time to expand this blog out into the world a bit. I am currently working on an on-line course for women in the area of self-esteem. More news to come as it gets closer to launch. Please register your email on the blog if you are interested.

Over the last five years I have read many books, participated in courses and being part of groups that help people to BE more. More successful in business, a better partner, make more money, and the list goes on. Some others I would have liked to do, but finances or time where an issue. Some just left me cold because of the energy they were coming from. All of this made me realise that the one area that I want to contribute to is with women who are struggling. I want to help people who, like myself five years ago, are unemployed or under employed, feel that they are alone and/or misunderstood. I want to reach out and help those who don’t feel that they belong because they are at the lower socio-economic strata and they really want to move. To be in a place of security, belonging and of contribution to others through their own growth.

In a world that values people on their net worth, I desire to connect with those who have value through their beautiful natures, their creativity, their care of others and of the world.

Every one of us has something to contribute to the world. Yes we are all capable of making large incomes, charging huge hourly rates for our services, and really giving a leg up to the go getters in the world. My question is, what about the people who aren’t at that point yet? They have just a faint thought or desire, or they are so low, that there has to be more to life, there has to be more joy, love, happiness, freedom, creativity and passion in life. All they need is for someone to not only tell them there is a way, but also to show the steps and then hold them, be there for them as they start the journey forward.

Please leave your name and email address now, the first step on finding your true place in the world.

Love and Light