Thoughts and Emotions

August 7, 2013 Emotions and Thought

Thoughts and EmotionsThoughts and emotions can be very closely linked.  It is a little like the chicken and the egg though, which comes first.  They can be a cycle.  Negative thoughts lead to negative emotions, lead to negative thoughts, which can cause a downward spiral.  Changing the thoughts slightly can cause an upward spiral.  When emotions are involved the movement up or down is usually always in a spiral, never in a straight line from negative thought to purely positive one.

The Hierarchy of Emotions

I think of emotions as falling under three main subgroups:

1.   High Frequency Emotions:   Love, Joy, Appreciation, Passion, Eagerness, Happiness, Positive Expectation, Belief and Knowing

2.  Mid Frequency Emotions:  Optimism, Hopefulness, Contentment, Boredom, Pessimism, Frustration, Irritation, Impatience, Doubt, Worry and Disappointment.

3.  Low Frequency Emotions:    Blame, Anger, Revenge, Hatred, Rage, Jealousy, Insecurity, Guilt, Unworthiness, Fear, Grief, Depression, Despair and Powerlessness.


Thoughts and EmotionUsing our Thoughts to move up the Emotional Scale

When we are in the low energy end of the Emotional Scale, it is hard to gather the thoughts to move up.  At the start of my journey, I was definitely at the very bottom of the scale.   Simple thoughts, which are almost instructions to yourself are the best way to go.  At this end of the scale, actions can bring you up quicker. All actions are preceded by a thought.  So really simple things like a simple decision can have a good impact.

Today I will make my bed.  Make the decision, do the action.  You get a feeling of relief, it gives that first very important nudge. I am not powerless. I can make a decision and  I can follow it through.  Small baby steps are necessary.  Sometimes I wanted to move quicker, get up the scale faster and made a more far reaching decision, and then felt worse when I did not achieve.  Using very small movement,  simple thought and then follow through with the action kept me moving forward, slowly but surely I started up the spiral.

When you are at the very bottom of the emotional scale you may require extra assistance from your Doctor or a Counsellor.  My suggestions here are not as a substitute for the help you may require but as an added step that you can take.

It Starts With Awareness

An awareness of your thoughts is necessary to see the connection between your thoughts and your emotions.  When depressed and feeling worthless, your most common thoughts are I am so hopeless and useless, I can’t do anything right. Yet to once a day make a simple decision to do something, to think about the smallest thing that you could do, and then to follow through with the action, gives you something to praise yourself for.  Today I took a step forward.

To move up the scale requires different strategies, a new way of thinking.

Changing your regular thought habits to change your emotions is possible.  It is possible to move up through the hierarchy of emotions and to reach a place of happiness and fulfilment every day.  To get a FREE pdf on this please leave your name and email address below.

Love and Light