Are Your Thoughts Taking You in the Direction You Want to Go?

Direction of Thought
September 11, 2017 Uncategorized

Direction of ThoughtAfter quite a few years of practice I can tell if my thoughts are turning towards the negative.  Definitely not where I want to go.  So I quiet my thoughts, make sure I am present in the here and now and then I think of all the things I am grateful for and have accomplished.  I know depression will never be an issue for me again.  But what about when things are going ok. What direction are my thoughts taking me?  It is easy to get distracted.  To lose the awareness.  Today I was watching coverage on Hurricane Irma.  It was fascinating for lots of reasons.

I  spent a night huddled in a hallway while Cyclone Monica roared past.  Seeing the pictures of Hurricane Irma brought back memories; one of my daughters and I in the hallway having a farting competition.    We do care about others, yet we are much more likely to watch long periods of pain and hardship then we would give to people having fun and being happy.  Are we just glad it isn’t us?

I gave too much time to Hurricane Irma.  There is nothing, right at this moment, I can do to help.  So are my thoughts, which lead to actions taking me where I want to go?  I had to physically ask the question of myself?  Are my thoughts, my feelings, my actions taking me where I want to go?  The answer was obviously – NO!

Timing is wonderful when you choose to bring in mindfulness.  Minutes after I had asked myself the question another daughter posted on Facebook.  She is a bit of a drama queen, thrives on it.  Yet some of the drama she attracts to herself is very painful.  She asked why did she attract it to her?  She does actually know the answer, as we have talked about it a lot, yet she chooses to engage as she cannot imagine her life drama free.  To her that is boring.

I used to attract drama and bad stuff to myself regularly.   I created the pattern for it through my own thinking.  Now I can see the old default still there a little bit.  Being so absorbed in Irma would only strengthen that old wiring.  Do I want that?  Will it help me to get where I want to go?  Reading this the obvious answer is NO.  Yet are we aware enough to notice that in the midst of circumstances?

Next time you get caught up in a news story, ask yourself if your thoughts are leading you in a direction you want to go.  How much of what you are watching and thinking about is pulling you down into anger, dismay, worry, anxiety and frustration?  Can any of those thoughts and feelings lead you to a life, right now, of happiness, peace, security and abundance?  Choosing not to get caught up in current events does not mean you don’t care.  It means you do care but realise that engaging in negative emotion about the situation is not going to help.

If there is something you can do about a situation at some future time then deal with it then, in the now of the moment you can participate.  Otherwise, be aware of your thinking right now!  What direction do you desire your life to go in?  What thoughts and feelings are going to be the best for bringing that future desire to you?  Can you be doing something better right now for your life?

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Love and Light