Three Steps to Changing Your Life from Ho Hum to Hallelujah

April 27, 2014 Thoughts

Three Steps to Changing Your Life from Ho Hum to HallelujahThere are only three steps to changing your life.  And everything that happens starts with your thoughts.  As Henry Ford once said,

“If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right”.

What you think about, what you feed into your mind and how you interpret situations around you is what makes you the person you are. You may feel you are who you are because of past events.  All the things that happened to you as a child, good or bad. The reality is that who you are today is the results of the thoughts and choices you made yesterday.   The three steps to changing your life are: think, be and act.

Changing Your Thoughts

To change your thoughts requires first that you become aware of your habitual thoughts.  These are the thoughts that have built strong neural pathways in your brain. The first thoughts that spring up when faced with a difficult situation.  They are the thoughts that you play over and over again in your mind. I am not good enough, not smart enough, I will never have any money and I never get any lucky breaks.  These thoughts are common to a lot of people and the sad part is that often they are not even your thoughts. They are the voices you heard as a child and have taken on as your own.  Once you become aware of your habitual thoughts you can change them.

Awareness is KEY.  It does take effort to become aware, to desire to change so much that you put that effort in.  Like all things in life though, once you start, momentum builds and it gets easier and easier.  It is then important to change what you feed into your mind.  My personal preference was to get rid of my TV and to stop feeding my mind with all the garbage, and the negative and fear based talk that is so much of it.  I still read on-line newspapers so I am aware of what is going on in the world, but that is now a 10 minute part of my day rather than hours of garbage in – garbage out.  I read inspirational and motivational material, listen to beautiful music, and hang out with positive people who are changing their lives for the better also.

Be the Best You Every Day

We all have a vision or a dream of the kind of person we want to BE.  I am no Mother Teresa, I am more artistic than caring as a person, but that is ok.  I have a vision of myself that incorporates being artistic, allowing myself to write, draw or sew every single day.  Also I am kind and I do care for my children and grandchildren, my significant other and my extended family and friends.  On my Best Days, I am able to dream with positive uplifting thoughts. I am not cruel or judgemental as I allow others to be themselves. I allow myself to make mistakes without beating myself up.  As my thoughts, and especially my habitual thoughts change for the better, than every day who I am changes, and so it is possible each day to Be the Best I can be that day.

Tomorrow will be the outcome of my thoughts today, so Today I will make them good ones.

Taking Action

When I first started changing my life I used to scare myself by thinking about all the work I would have to do. How long it would take to change anything. How limited I was in terms of making money or getting the desires of my heart.  Those thoughts literally froze me in my tracks and I therefore did nothing.  I was the absolute master of procrastination.  The really simple solution is to allow yourself to dream your dream. Visualise the life that you truly desire to have. Be aware of all the fear based thoughts and to make them into positive statements if you can. Each day  decide to be the best person you can be on that day, and then a small, simple step will present itself to you.

It is not work, it is not something you Have To Do..  it is the next logical action to take towards who you want to be.  Small steps accumulate to large changes over time.  Small steps and the positive payback of each one builds momentum over time so the steps become easier and easier to accomplish.  Trying to Do too much will create negative and fear based thoughts, and therefore take you backwards. Time is all relative, small positive steps will get you to where you want to be a lot quicker than a lot of wasted energy burnt up by the awful feeling that you Must be Doing something. Let all your actions be the next logical step from the Positive new thoughts you are thinking. Be the Best person you are that day, and reward yourself for taking the step and staying on your path.

Love and Light