Today I am Happy and Grateful For……………….

December 3, 2015 Thoughts

imagesHow easy is it for you to fill in the missing bits?  Our ability to be happy and grateful now for what is good in our life, even if it is not perfect, makes all the difference to how we approach life.  The more things we find to be happy and grateful about now, the more we see what is good in our life, more good things seem to happen, and troubles and woes get pushed back, sometimes even just disappear.


This week I started a 90 day challenge for myself around the subject of “abundance of money“, and I have been thinking and naming all of the things that I already have in abundance in my life, and the list is huge.  Last night I went to Trivia as usual with my family and we did really well and I had one of the best nights in a while.  Just thinking about all the things you have to be happy and grateful about on a regular basis lifts your mood, increases your happiness, clears your mind, makes remembering so much easier, and gives you more to be happy and grateful for immediately.

Click on the Link above and join me on the challenge!

Love and Light