The Tricky Problem for Introverts Building a Business

November 2, 2015 Thoughts

I live by the Golden Rule. It makes sense to me on all levels. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
There is a problem for me, and it is because I am an introvert.  Introverts like to be left alone to get on with things.  I tend to self-pace myself on learning, and prefer to read and apply what I have learnt at my own pace. Large groups that get all hyper on the vibe, exhaust me.

I am not a shy introvert and belong to a couple of great groups, Toastmasters and BNI, which are groups of around 25 people that meet regularly, and also work on the principle of value over a period of time.

I love learning and will often click on an opt-in page for  marketing or coaching articles that look interesting.  Some marketers are obviously introverts too.  They only send an email once or twice a week. Sometimes they will miss a few weeks. They do not push for your business, and they don’t send those really annoying emotional blackmail emails.   You know the ones that read, “Call me crazy, but I’m a little surprised you still haven’t taken me up on this”   and “If you really want to ………   (and I’m guessing you do or you wouldn’t have even visited my site), then this is the ideal first step.”

Twice I bought from the obviously introvert group,  because what they were selling was relevant to me at the time. And practical, not just an information package.  (Big shout out here to “Learn How to Blog”  the very first package I bought,  and two years on still worth every cent). They gave value for a number of weeks while I made my own mind up.  The second group tend to get unsubscribed after an email every day of the week, and lines like the above.

Why is this a problem for me?  I realise my marketing tends to follow the slow path. Not wanting to intrude into potential clients space, allowing them time to make their own mind up.  This can work great if you have the money to pay for Facebook ads, or have brilliant SEO that gets you onto the top line of Google every time.  My slow approach and some inconsistency on my part has meant that it has taken me two years to get 1,000 visits to my blog, and in 6 months of a Business Page for Facebook few likes.

The other side of the coin is selling Coaching as a practical, hands on, useful tool. It is not just information, it has practical worth.

The challenge is learning to meld the two into a system that works for me to build a strong following, which converts to clients for coaching and gets people to my Seminars (which I love to lead) while not feeling like I am being pushy.  Finding the happy medium of enough exposure while staying true to who I am.

Please leave your comments on how your own personal style has affected your business or working life.


Maryanne Watts

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