Being True to Your Own Unique Thoughts in the Marketplace

June 18, 2015 Thoughts

Being True to Your Own Unique Thoughts in the MarketplaceOne of the challenges of being a self-employed person is that you have to learn to market.  Because if nobody knows you exist you don’t have a market.  There are all sorts of market tricks, tips and traps to avoid, and a lot of great advice.  It is a great idea to read it all.  Exploring it all gets the RAS in your brain working, so you start to see where opportunities are to get your message out into the wider world.  The trick is to stay true to your own unique style.

Your Unique Style

Taking in every idea out there can make it hard to stay true to yourself.  I am not a high energy extrovert.  My style tends more towards the spiritual self-help area, and yet not fully. Where my own unique message lies is somewhere in between main-stream life coaching and spiritual awareness.

Life coaching is about having a conversation with a person,  which opens their mind to the possibilities for being the  best, unique personality they are.  If every person is unique than the marketing possibilities also suggest there are a multitude of ways to reach different people.  I have a high regard for people who build huge markets, who are the leaders in their field. Yet their figures suggest they are only reaching a relatively low percentage of the over all population.  They will say they reach those who are ready to change, who have a desire for the product they are offering.  Or maybe their marketing is not reaching those who want the same thing, but cannot hear their particular message.

Be True to Yourself

Ghandi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”  Being true to ourselves is the first step in changing the world. Finding our unique voice in reaching others, in marketing your message and in delivering value to all. Know the best practises out there, but don’t beat yourself up when you find that they do not work for you. It is okay to modify, to find the bits that resonate and work for you.  Find that special bit of uniqueness that reaches those that haven’t yet bought into other peoples marketing.

Being true to your own unique thoughts is finding out what is best practice so far, and modifying it to fit who you truly are.

Love and Light