Value, Worth and Wealth

March 17, 2016 Random Thoughts

Vallue Your Bravery

I dream of a nicer, kinder, happier world.  I am an idealist.  Sometimes I find it hard to keep faith with my dream, to keep faith with my ideals and to live comfortably within the small  business world.  There are many fine examples of businesses that value their staff and their customers, that see the value of every individual and do their utmost to help, whether in flexible hours for working mothers or counselling support for those in crisis.  In the wider not-for-profit area there are lots of examples whether it is in alleviating poverty, providing clean food and water, setting up opportunities for education, and generally making the world a better place.  My conundrum is that I want to help those within a 1st world country who struggle the most, those who are unemployed, or disabled in some way, who do not see themselves as worthwhile in a Material Centric world.  They are the least likely people to pay for the coaching that could transform their lives, or even to ask for it, and yet they are the ones I want to help the most.  Why?  I used to be one of them.

HopeNow I also want to make a good living doing what I love, and helping those I see in the greatest need of the services I can offer.  Do I set aside that desire and that dream for now, to concentrate on a Niche that I can make good money in so that down the track I can help a few people out for free?  Maybe there is another alternative, get companies who deal with the unemployed to pay me to help their customers..   a win/win for all..  and yet in our culture of ROI bookkeeping, the few I have approached so far have been unable to appreciate that the gains in self-worth, in people believing in themselves, is as profitable as doing a vocational course that gives so-called measureable skills.

Your opinion, as a valued reader of my blog posts, would be much appreciated.  What other avenues of coaching income could I explore while sticking to my ideals and my dream?  How do I give meaningful value to those in greatest need?

Love and Light