Are You “Waiting” for Your Circumstances to Change?

January 23, 2018 Uncategorized

WaitingWhen I was at my lowest point of depression I can clearly remember wanting to be rescued.  I thought if only my Prince Charming would appear and whisk me off my feet than everything would be better.  This might sound like fairy-tale stuff and nobody really believes it.  Yet, most people at some level are “waiting” to be rescued.  They are waiting for something to change so they can be happy.  It may not be Prince Charming but it could be the Government, the bank, your boss or retirement.  Over time, this waiting becomes apathy, and it does so because at some level we all know we are responsible for our own lives and happiness.  Prince Charming is a myth and an outside anything changing our happiness is like playing the lottery.

I resisted becoming responsible for much of my life.  I did what had to be done as both a married and unmarried mother.  Working full time when I had to.  Yet I always thought of these things as being restrictions imposed upon me, rather than choices I had fully made.  It was only when I started to “change my mind” to recover from depression that I realised how wonderful taking full responsibility for life was.

In school we are conditioned to think of responsibility as doing the right thing in terms of study hard, get a good job and fit in with society.  In many respects it is the complete opposite of what responsibility truly is.  What we are taught is that a conditioned response is responsibility and that being true to ourselves is irresponsible.

When I was in my early twenties and a divorced mother with 3 young children I went to art classes for a while.  I loved it and I was good at it.  I was told I had to be responsible though and get a real job.  So I got full-time work and gave up all dreams of being an artist until now.  I was not being responsible for my own happiness.  I was accepting what society tells us is responsibility and leaving my happiness to outside circumstances.

There is a lot of “fear” surrounding the thought of everybody being so irresponsible as to be true to themselves.  My God, the world would collapse.  People would just sit around doing nothing and expecting handouts.  The economy would collapse.  We need to be responsible and work hard, and be productive so that some people can get rich.  It is our job to wait for retirement before we can be happy.

The complete opposite is actually the truth.  The most productive, resourceful. rich and happy people are those who shun the “responsible” path and create their own destinies, their own happiness.  A person who is being true to themselves and are living their passions.  I have never seen a passionate lay-about.  People sit around, doing nothing, because they are waiting to be rescued.  They have never heard of the true meaning of personal responsibility and are resisting the conditioning of the rest of society.

Are you prepared to step out of Apathy, out of waiting, and to take responsibility for your own happiness.  To discover what it is you truly desire to do?  To take true responsibility for your life.  It is the only one you have.

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Love and Light