Want a Better Life? Learn to Make Conscious Decisions

July 4, 2016 Uncategorized

decisionsLearning to make conscious decisions about every part of life is to take full responsibility for every part of life.  To say that you cannot do something because it is out of your control, is to give control of your decision making ability to some-one else.  It takes away your freedom to choose what is best for you.  To be an easy going person, who just goes with the flow is a cop-out.  It just means that you are not willing to make decisions, or to be 100% responsible for them.

I was an easy-going person, willing to go along with whatever.  Over the last couple of years I have made strides in becoming a better decision maker.  It is an ongoing process that has reached a bit of a crisis.  I had not realised how much pressure it puts on other people to be responsible when you refuse to make decisions and be responsible yourself.

Difficult Food ChoicesTrue freedom of life is found in becoming a good decision maker and in being 100% responsible for every part of life.  You have to be willing to be wrong, to make the occasional bad decision and to learn from it.  You have to be willing to change your beliefs about what an easy and peaceful life is.

We make decisions every day, sometimes every minute of the day.  A lot of these are done on auto-pilot.  We are doing things out of habit, making decisions out of habit without any thought about if it is really what we want.  We rarely think about the long term consequences of our auto-pilot decisions.  To start with it can seem like just too much hard work to make every decision consciously.  It is not easy or comfortable.

Life is the sum of all your choices inspirational quote on colorThe best example of this is in budgeting.  For a couple of years I had a very strict budget as I had to turn an extremely bad financial position around.  Then as money became more available I didn’t consciously decide what I was going to do with the extra.  All the bills were taken care of and I thought what was left over represented freedom to do whatever I wanted.  It didn’t matter if I spent dollars here and there without much conscious thought of why I was spending or what the bigger picture was.  Not staying with the discipline of making conscious choices to do with my budget means I have managed to put myself back into a bad financial position.

I have loss of freedom due to not being 100% responsible in making decisions.  I thought I was just being nice, easy-going and doing whatever for a nice easy life.  Now I know better and the discipline of making conscious choices is a decision I am happy to make.

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