Do You Want to Live a Happy, Peaceful and Abundant Life?

Do You Want to Live a Happy, Peaceful and Abundant Life?
January 18, 2018 Thoughts

Last week I wrote about Apathy and how it might be the most dangerous thing in our society today.  Today I will look more closely why that is so.   To sum up Apathy in a nutshell; Apathy is the delegation of responsibility for a Happy, Peaceful and Abundant Life to someone else.

We are all responsible for our own happiness, peace and abundance.  Everything we are, what we do and ultimately what we have is our responsibility.  Our current circumstances are due to choices we have made.  We may have made those choices quite unconsciously, but that doesn’t change the outcome.  To have a happy, peaceful and abundant life NOW starts with letting go of Apathy, and to start becoming aware.


Happiness is not a one size fits all proposition.  It is not made up of a singular component either.  Deep inner happiness comes from an awareness and choice to be aware of your emotional, social, spiritual and physical needs each and every day.  Most people abdicate their responsibility to their partner, family, boss, the economy and society in general.  They believe that happiness is found at the end of the working week, the odd holiday and when things are going the way they “should”.  Their happiness depends on others, the one thing they have absolutely no control over.  Apathy kicks in the moment they have to take personal responsibility.  If you are unhappy now, then you have to work out what your needs are, and how you must change internally to meet those needs.  It is never up to another person, thing or circumstance.  It is simple and yet quite hard.  Most people prefer to opt for the small moments and to whinge about all the reasons they can’t be happy now.


A peaceful life is a life full of peace.  Peace is an absence of force or violence.  When reading those words you may have immediately had a picture in your head of warfare, abuse or other forms of physical or natural violence that leads to death or injury.  Peace starts in the individual though, at a much more subtle place.  Who has to “force” themselves to go to work each day?  A world at peace is a world in harmony.  Do you suppress your feelings about work, life, your passions, spirituality or your desires so as to fit in with what you think you “should” be doing or must do because society says so.  Are you out of harmony with yourself?  Dis-harmony at the very least produces dis-ease and at its worst produces war.


Abundance comes from the Latin abundantia meaning – overflowing.  To many the term abundance means having more than they need of money or things.  Living an abundant life will mean different things to different people.  A great starting point is having an abundance of happiness and peace.  Many people see the lack they have in money or things and allow that to dictate their happiness and their peace.  When we take responsibility for our own happiness and peace then we can suddenly find we are abundant in many things.  When we are full to overflowing of happiness and peace, the need to obtain more money or things is often reduced as the pursuit of those can be a way to fill a spiritual, emotional or social void within ourselves.

Your ability to have a happy, peaceful and abundant life is not up to others, current circumstances or anything that is outside of you.  It is entirely up to you.  Only apathy, the willingness to abdicate responsibility, can stop you from having the happy, peaceful and abundant life you desire.

If you would like assistance in learning more, taking responsibility or just help in finding a place to start then please contact me here or leave a comment.

Love and Light