What Does Change Feel Like?

March 31, 2016 Thoughts

What Does Change Feel Like?This morning I woke up feeling blah!  Sitting at my computer I wondered how I could write my blog post or write another couple of thousand words of my new book.  It felt like there was this churning in my stomach that had nothing to do with a tummy bug and everything to do with questioning my life.  Then I remembered that this was exactly how I felt just before I got my first paying client.  I had an awesome coach at the time who knew from experience that this unsettling feeling is the conscious mind catching up with a shift in my unconscious mind.

All change starts in our core.  As we shift old beliefs, blocks and brick walls from our consciousness the unconscious expands, it takes in more energy from the constant stream of energy that is the universe.  New possibilities open up, new thought patterns are created and become super-highways in our mind.  Our vibration changes; and we can feel very uncomfortable.  It is this feeling of being uncomfortable, which many think of as fear but could be excitement, that can make us get in our own way.  The desire to move back to comfort is so strong that we may choose to interpret the uncomfortable feeling as a sign that our desire to create something new in our lives is a mistake, too hard and definitely too uncomfortable.

Change JournalIf we can ‘not’ give in to the feeling and stay present and aware we can make a better choice.  Over the years I have written a journal as a way to work through my feelings, so taking the time to journal today was crucial.  I also chose to focus on all the things that I am grateful for, to shift my state to one of gratitude, acceptance and possibility.  It was in these moments that I remembered that coaching session and what this feeling had previously meant.  Taking the time to journal and be grateful also made me very aware that one of my old roadblocks has gone.  It is like my ego can’t find a hook in my mind anymore to take me back to an old way of thinking, so it is just making me feel uncomfortable.  I choose to interpret it as excitement and to get on with my day of sharing my blog, writing my pages and enjoying this awesome life.

How have you experienced change?   Does it create a feeling in you that makes you uncomfortable? I would love to hear your thoughts on this, please leave a comment.

Love and Light