What Is Possible?

June 1, 2016 Thoughts

What is PossibleThe limits of what is possible is not dependant on the government, your job, your place in life or your family.  The limits of what is possible comes down to your mindset.  As Henry Ford said ” If you think you can or you think you can’t, your right.”

I have identified three areas where believing that anything is possible can seem unrealistic and why people stop believing.

  1.  doubtOver two and a half million people have read “The Secret” and many more have read similar books, that talk about visualising what you want and it happens.  The number 1 reason people don’t believe it or have lost faith in it, is that they take on the message because they want change but a week or two down the track when there life hasn’t magically changed, they decide it is hogwash.  It may have taken 20, 30, 40 or 50 years to make the life you don’t want, yet somehow they expect it all to turn around in a couple of weeks.  Staying true to the vision of what you do want, means that somewhere months or years later, if you keep visualising, keep doing what needs to be done and making consistent effort the changes are visible and amazing.
  2. The second area that holds us back is that over the years of creating the life we don’t want, we have created a lot of limiting beliefs about what is possible or impossible for us.  Not all of these limiting beliefs are readily available to our conscious mind.  It can take a few years and a lot of awareness to realise that there are still limiting beliefs tucked away that are blocking us from being, doing and having everything we have ever wanted.
  3. Ancient chest open with jewelry, compass, and paper on a white backgroundThe third reason is the most subtle, you read the book, watch the movie or hear about the possibility somewhere and decide to change. You work out what you want, and then listen to all the people who have always been around you that you are being unrealistic, stupid, or a dreamer.  You get a constant stream of negativity blowing your dream away.  I was fortunate that I had only 1 or 2 people in my life at the time I decided to change, so I had a chance to read books, immerse myself in positivity, dream the dream and do the do without a lot of negativity, I was my own worst enemy to start with.  I surrounded myself with the positivity of the written word, but for many that is not their preferred option, so they need to find a  champion, someone who will keep them on track, who will be a counterpoint to all the usual negativity that they are used to, someone who will believe in their dream with them, who can point out possible limiting beliefs and can give strategic tasks to make the changes faster.
If you would love to have your dream life and are prepared to get past the three biggest barriers than leave a comment or message me for a free one hour “Dream Life Coaching Session” today.