What Is Your Care Factor?

August 1, 2016 Thoughts

CareYour care factor is about how much responsibility you are willing to take in regards to something.  Most people have a high care factor in regards to their family.  Some people will have a high care factor in relation to money.  Fewer people  have a high care factor in relation to health, spirituality, other relationships, a job, the environment, politics and community.

When you don’t care that much about something you are willing to let others be responsible for what happens.  Many people do not care that much about their health.  If something goes wrong then there are always doctors and medicines.  Having a high care factor means that you will take full responsibility for preventative health.  Eating well and exercising regularly is the best way to lead a healthy life and yet many people can’t be bothered. They don’t believe they have the time to do what is best for themselves.

self careHaving a high care factor is in the end about having  high self-worth and responsibility.  You are willing to take the best care of it you can.

I had a story for myself that I didn’t care that much about money.  My spirituality, creativity and relationships always seemed more important.  Then I realised that my story about not caring that much was a cop out.  It allowed me to not be responsible for what I earned.  It allowed me to not be responsible for how I spent my money.  It was an excuse.  I wanted someone else to blame,  whether life, the government or circumstances.

I realised that it was also a protective mechanism.  You tell yourself you don’t care when you do not think you are capable of achieving something.  I don’t care that much is a better sounding story than I do not think I am good enough to achieve everything I want to achieve.  I don’t believe in myself enough and I don’t know that I am valuable enough to take good care of myself.

money careMy wake up call to how I was describing my money situation came about because I was taking care of my health and fitness.  I realised that I was totally responsible for how strong and healthy I was moving into my 50’s and that I cared enough about myself to do something good for myself.  I realised then that I also cared about myself enough to start taking full responsibility for my finances.  I had to start caring.  It doesn’t mean that money will suddenly become the most important thing in my life, it does mean that I will take responsibility in monitoring my spending and set for myself higher goals for what I think I am capable of earning.

We only have one shot at this life.  Do you care enough about your life, who you are, who you want to be to raise your care factor in every area of life to make it the best life you possibly can?

Love and Light