What Is Your Relationship With Money?

May 2, 2016 Thoughts

What Is Your Relationship with Money?Yesterday I made a new discovery about my relationship with money.  I was not allowing it to be, to be a reflection of my overall mindset about wealth and abundance.  Money is energy.  The flow of it into and out of our lives is a reflection of the energy that we are giving out.  I realised that I was equating it with both safety and freedom.

When you make it the focus of one or more of your core values, you are neither feeling safety nor freedom, you are feeling a lack of those things.  The voice in your head is saying “When I have more I will feel safe, when I have more I will have freedom.”  You end up having no money, no safety and no freedom.

Safety is knowing that you can rely on yourself.  You know that you have everything you need to handle any situation and to feel good now.  In this moment I am safe.  In this moment I have no problems. It is feeling safe internally and is not reliant in any way on an external element like money.

FreedomFreedom is the same.  We are all able to choose our next thought, our next action, our next goal.  Freedom of thought is our greatest freedom.  When we tell ourselves we will have freedom when we have more money we are making an excuse.  We are choosing not to be who we want to be in this moment, we are choosing not to design our lives the way we want to because we are leaving everything up to an external element – money.  Our lack of money is the excuse.  If we acknowledge that right now, right here I am free to choose every thought, every action and every goal, that my freedom is totally from within, then I am putting out a totally different energy vibration.  The more free I feel the more abundance I will have, not the other way around.

In many other areas I was doing well with my thoughts about life, relationships, abundance and money which was reflected in my life.  I was getting mixed and average results in regards to money because of this one last part of the puzzle regarding my relationship to it.  Now that I know better I will do better.

What is your relationship to money?