Who Are Your Role Models?

July 28, 2016 Thoughts

Dalai LamaWhile reading the 10 Attributes of Self-Made Billionaires today I realised I found the article interesting but that I don’t have any billionaires as role models.  My role models reflect who I am or who I would like to be.

My first role model is a beautiful 88 years young retired Salvation Army Officer.  Although she did not marry until after she retired and she never had children she has the biggest family I know.  Her genuine love and care for other people, her love of life and her generosity of spirit inspire me like no other.  She is also completely non-judgemental and her greatest desire is for those she loves to be genuinely happy.  Although she lived almost her entire life on a Salvation Army wage which is incredibly low she has always been generous.  Her only request if she helped you out was that you passed on the blessing.   She still manages trips overseas and is spritely despite her age.

My second role model is the Dalai Lama.  I love his peaceful nature mixed with a great deal of humour.  He finds life fun and interesting.  He is genuinely interested in other people.

quoteMy third role model is my new mother-in-law.  Although the same age as my own mother they are like chalk and cheese.  My mother-in-law is still travelling the globe, full of energy and love for her very large extended family.  She is generous both with time and money.

I see a pattern here.  My role models are not those who have built successful careers, although they have all had work that they are or were 100% committed to.  It has never been about money but about bringing peace, harmony, health, good will and care to the world.  Their greatest desire is that people are genuinely happy which means that they want people to like who they are.  They want people to know that they are valuable and worthwhile.

Who are you role models and what do they tell you about who you are, or who you would like to be?

Love and Light