Why Do You Need Coaching?

April 29, 2016 Thoughts

CoachingWhy do you need coaching?  You have one life-time to be your own unique self. To live life to the fullest, to experience all the abundance that there is whether emotionally, financially or physically.If your life is not currently the best that it can be then being coached can set you on the right track to being, doing and having the best life you can.

We are taught from our earliest childhoods that the world works in a particular way and we just have to work hard and be good and we will be happy.  When happiness seems hard to find it can sometimes seem that we have an insurmountable problem.  Sometimes we are not even aware of what the real problem is, we just want to feel better, more connected to life, more in control of our own future.  When I really needed a coach I did not know they even existed. I am sure that had I known I would have thought that coaching was for other people, elite sports people, wealthy entrepeneurs but not for ordinary, everyday people like myself.  I taught myself to change from books I read and seminars I attended, and then I found out about coaches.

happinessToday I still have regular coaching because I found out that ordinary, everyday people can benefit from being coached if their desire and intent is to change their lives from ho-hum to extraordinary.  Many people are happy with their lives, and although sometimes it may seem difficult or boring their is no real drive to make a change.  Other people though struggle with life, whether the routine of it, the pain of feeling like they are missing out somehow, an inability to connect with others, or wanting to feel more, more happiness, more joy, more excitement, more adventure.  Some will blame external circumstances and others for their struggle, yet some will know that somehow, in some way, a better life will start within themselves.

For anyone who wants their life to change, to move towards extraordinary whether for their health, relationships, work and career, finances, spirituality, or emotional well-being a coach is great for their ability to truly hear you, to point out things that may be holding you back, an accountability person who will help you to keep going towards your dreams,  a source of inspiration and wisdom about what it takes to move out of comfort zones and into adventure.

If you want to move your life from ho-hum to extra-ordinary contact me today!