When I win Lotto – You are Stating a Belief About Yourself.

June 11, 2015 Thoughts

When I win Lotto -  You are Stating a Belief About Yourself.How many people do you know who use this statement?  I will do this, or have that, when I win lotto.  This statement says a lot about people.  They don’t believe they will ever have what they really want.  They don’t believe that the ability to make the money is in their control.  The belief is they have to wait for as long as…   because everything they want is a pipe dream waiting at the end of a rainbow.

 A Limiting Belief

All of the above are limiting beliefs that a vast majority of the population has in regards to their own lives.

The beliefs you hold true for you are all self-fulfilling prophecies.  Your brain is an amazing tool that helps you to achieve those things you desire.  When you hold beliefs like those above, it helps to fulfil those beliefs.  Most of your beliefs are ideas that you have built up over time. They come from the people and events in our life.   If you have been taught to believe a certain way then you can unlearn it.  You can learn some new beliefs that will give you the outcomes in life that you really want.

You cannot change a belief in one step, it takes at least 28 days to change a habit. Although you can make a new decision in an instant, to change a limiting belief takes consistent repetition and action to fully embed the new belief.  What you decide to think is the starting point.  Without conscious choice to become aware of your thoughts, beliefs and self-talk, you cannot change anything.

New Choices, New Possibilities

Once you make the decision to change though you can start to look at all the options, choices and possibilities open to you.  It could be as simple as making a budget, to really look at what you already have and to make better choices about what you do with that.  It could be something simple like seeing how we could make some money selling those spare items around the house on e-bay,  painting a picture, writing a book, or believing in yourself enough to go for that job you have always dreamed of.  The possibilities for having a rich and fulfilling life are endless, and yet so many people limit themselves through the constant use of one phrase  “When I Win the Lotto”

Which choice are you going to make today.  Please let me know what you think in the comment box below.

Love and Light