Do Your Words and Actions Agree With Each Other?

July 15, 2014 Thoughts

Do Your Words and Actions Agree With Each Other?Have you ever noticed the dis-connection between your actions and the words you say.  Your conscious thoughts lead to the words you say. You truly believe them, or want to believe them, and yet your actions suggest that your subconscious is the driver.  This dissonance between what you are telling yourself at a conscious level and what you are doing creates stress.

Some Common Actions versus Words Dissonance

When someone says that they are healthy and looking after themselves. They agree that fresh, whole foods are best, while eating a pack or two of biscuits, or pre-packaged food every day.

Saying they love and respect themselves and know they deserve a wonderful relationship and yet allow themselves to be a friend with benefits.

They want to create and make a difference in the world and waste hours and hours numbing themselves watching TV or playing computer games.

Agreeing that you have talent or skill, that practise is the only way to make perfect. Yet never starting anything, because you are afraid to make a mistake.

Stress and Dissonance

We are at our least stressed and our happiest when our mind, body and soul are in agreement with one another.  If you picture the happiest day of your life you will realize it was because you were doing something you loved to do. There where no demands or judgements about what you were doing at the time and you felt good physically.  It is possible to re-create that on a daily basis, if we allow ourselves to.

Much of what we do is because we are acting out old patterns, deep ruts within our sub-conscious that says we Should be doing this or that.  Rarely do people find the courage to say NO!  I choose to be who I am, rather than do what is expected of me.  I have often heard that the world would be a shambles if people just did what they wanted all the time.  That depends on whether you believe that the majority of people are good, desiring love and happiness just as you are, or whether you believe that people are inherently bad.

Become aware of the dissonance between what you are telling yourself and your actions. Eliminate your stress by re-aligning your conscious and subconscious thoughts.

Want help discovering the subconscious drivers in your life, then a Mindset Coach can be of assistance. Through conversation they can find the patterns that are causing your stress and give you strategies to overcome it.

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Love and Light