Good, Better, Best – Working Out Your Best when Things are Already Good.

July 6, 2015 Thoughts

Good, Better, Best - Working Out Your Best when Things are Already Good.While enjoying a break away from southern cold in sunny Queensland I realised a few things. The heat  helped me come alive.  I know I prefer heat to cold but I had not realised how much I had slowed down, how the cold had made me hibernate.  In an attempt to remain warm my life had become unbalanced as the warmest place to be was in my office.  It is not my best life because it is not in balance.

I have a good life. My business is good, I have a great relationship with my husband and my girls, good friends and a growing list of acquaintances.  Toastmasters and Trivia nights give great mental stimulation and a chance to socialize.  My days are close to what my ideal day would look like, except my need for exercise and healthy eating has taken a back seat to keeping warm and winter comfort food.

Do we accept good and sacrifice great?

I struggle with doing what is best for me,  moving to a warmer climate, which is at odds with my husband.  He hates humidity and prefers the cool but is not restricted by work requirements.  How do we work out a win/win for opposites?

I would love to think that when I get home I could keep the great balance that I have worked out up here.  Yet I know that there is a huge difference between going for a walk in the afternoon in 24 degree heat and doing it and enjoying it in single figures.  To stick with healthy salad lunches and light breakfasts and teas, while wanting to eat carbs to build warmth in my body.

Working out what we really want can take a long time, especially when we are not aware of how much difference there could be by a simple change of temperature.  This is my challenge for the next few weeks.  To work out my best average day, in my preferred climate, and yet to make it a win/win with my completely opposite husband.

Love and Light