World Peace and You

September 28, 2015 Thoughts

Over the last few days I have been thinking about this a lot, it is a time when we are seeing as many refugees as during the 2nd world war.  The problem is huge, and because it is so big the individual is likely to say,  yes it is a problem but what can I do about it.   The kind of huge problems that we face today start small, they start at the individual level and all of us can either help or hinder changing the world to be a better place.

In coaching terms it is called Above or Below the Line Thinking.  When we are thinking below the line we are blaming others, feeling anger, feeling hate towards others, telling ourselves a story that our lives would be different if it hadn’t been for the parents, the bullies at school, the rotten ex, the government, the world in general.  Everything that is wrong in our lives is attributed to an outside source.  Also below the line thinking it attributing why we do what we do to an outside source,  like Allah, the Bible or allegiance to a political view.  There is no personal responsibility for our response to the many life situations around us.

Above the line thinking is when we realise that we may not be able to control life situations, but we can and must control our response to it.  It is our internal dialogue, our internal response that means we will either contribute to the problem or be part of the solution.

How does this help world peace?  When every individual starts to become aware, starts to take responsibility for how they want their bit of the world to be, to take responsibility for creating peace, love, happiness, abundance and joy in their own personal lives that the positive energy of that spreads.  Yes it takes time, so does dropping bombs and randomly killing people.  I personally would go for the peaceful approach and not contribute in any way to continuing the hate, the pain or giving even more reason to below the line thinkers to use my acts as a reason to continue the horror.

When we each individually stop blaming others for where we are now, and we start to take responsibility for our responses in the present moment, when we make a choice to forgive, when we make a choice to be grateful for what is good in our lives, when we stop heaping a whole lot of judgements on how we think others should live, whether by reference to Koran or Bible,  then we are starting to live above the line, we start to realise that our state of mind, our happiness, progress in life, our capacity to love is not held by anybody else; it is within us.  We make the choices ourselves, it is up to each and everyone of us to make the change, to start living World Peace at the micro level today.

Love and Light