Wow – What a Ride!

December 28, 2015 Thoughts


I would like to thank everyone reads my blog posts.  Over the two years of writing my readership has grown and seeing that people are still coming to read what I write is a great encouragement.  I love to write, to share and hopefully to give value to all who come to these pages.

I haven’t posted on here for the last few weeks as life went into overdrive.  For most of 2015 I had a strong desire to move from the house I was in to one with a decent bathroom and a great kitchen.  I had been living in my father’s old place so that it was easier to clean up and get rid of his 87yrs of accumulated junk.  Although cheap, and a good roof over my head, which I was very thankful for, there were limitations and I wanted better.  When the time, the place and the money all happened at the same time, moving ended up happening in a hurry, the week before Christmas!

Even with the move, Christmas and End of Year Functions I have managed a few days of me-time, re-charging my batteries and filling my soul.  A couple of good novels and the joy of Adult Colouring In has filled my tanks and this morning I woke with a strong desire to start writing again.  This is both a time of reflection, looking back with gratitude at all the positive changes in my life in the last 12 months,  sadness at dad’s passing this year, and a time to think about my values and choices and where I want to focus my energy in 2016.


May 2016 be a year of exceptional growth, revelation and peace to all.

Love and Light