Are You Having a Very Average Week?

August 25, 2016 Thoughts

coldIt is a very average week.  I am sitting here with multiple layers of clothing on because it is so cold.  The air-conditioning is broken and the new parts will not arrive till next week. Life isn’t going exactly to plan.  In this situation I could say, “Oh well, I tried, maybe I should quit now and do something else or I can ask myself “What is the best way to turn this around?”  Work out what isn’t working so well and put a plan into place to try something new.  There is always something you can do today to turn a situation around.

hotThe air-conditioner not working is a symptom.  It is not the whole problem.  I could be sitting in the sun in Far North Queensland.  My original plan was to spend most of August up north, soaking up the sun and avoiding the cold.  It is not happening so I look at how I am contributing to this situation.  Where am I placing my priorities and what am I doing to make my goals happen.

  • I did not commit fully to the idea of being away.
  • I focused on the problems associated with being away rather than the intention to do it.
  • Due to the first two I committed to doing other things that meant I was not free to go away.
  • I didn’t focus on the things that would make my goals and dreams possible.  I allowed others to influence me and put their priorities ahead of my own.
  • My focus has not been on my success – a few old habits of thought that I need to work on.

focusThis week has been an important lesson for me.  I am able to live the life of my dreams but only if I do things that nurture and support that.

  • I have to be clear on what I want.
  • My focus must be on it happening, not on all the reasons why it will be difficult.
  • It is ok to say NO to others when what they want will stop you from achieving your goals.
  • You do have to be somewhat selfish.  You don’t have to go to extremes but you matter, what you want matters.
  • Believe that you can achieve all your goals.  Do something daily that will bring you closer to that goal every day.
  • Practice awareness and practice new skills.  Allow yourself to be the best that you can be.

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Love and Light